New Opportunities with Trident Membership

Trident will shortly launch a new professional development scheme for our loyal members.  The tiered scheme will enable Trident Operatives to ascend through progressive levels of professional competency to realise long-term benefits of association with our company.

The four tiers will be as follows:

Tier 1: Trident Consultant.
Experienced and trusted Trident Instructor with degree level or equivalent qualifications.  The candidate must be able to demonstrate that they have acquired a broad range of commercial security risk management experience and possess specialist maritime security knowledge and skills during a Trident Consultant vetting board.

Tier 2:
Trident Instructor.
Experienced Trident MSTL that has successfully passed the Trident Instructor vetting board.

Tier 3:
 Trident Maritime Security Team Leader (MSTL).
Previous employment as an MSO and successful completion of the 10-day Trident MSTL Course.

Tier 4:
Trident Maritime Security Operative (MSO).  
Successful completion of the 5-day Trident Maritime Secuirty Operator course.

Due to an unprecidented high demand for Trident Training by a number of Private Maritime Security Companies, we are creating a new Trident MSO course for 24-28 September 2012.

We are also running our next Maritime Security Team Leader course from 03-12 October 2012. Trident MSO's are eligible to attend this course at the 25% discounted rate of £950 +VAT.


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