International Maritime Bureau Piracy Workshop 11 April 2012


Trident was recently asked to support the International Maritime Bureau Piracy Workshop on the Financial and Human challenge of maritime piracy.  As part of the Crew Security Awareness and Response (CSAR) training programme, a Trident associated guest speaker delivered an interesting presentation on the psychological and physiological response in stressful situations.  The presentation is a core element of the Trident CSAR course which is available to the merchant marine and private yacht industry and is outlined below. 

CSAR Course Outline:

1. Develop readiness for maritime operations in high risk waters:

  • Maritime threat awareness;

  • Passage Risk Assessment;

  • Emergency and psychological preparedness and asset hardening;

2.  Effective response to a maritime attack:

  • Threat recognition;

  • Alerting and reporting;

  • Boarding prevention;

  • Immediate response;

  • Psychological response to a shock event or kindnap situation;

3.  Recover from a mariitme attack:

  • Post incident procedures planning and implementation;

  • After the event - long term psychological coping strategies.

Essentially, the CSAR programme dovetails into the well established Trident MSO and MSTL programme. This ensures that both the embarked Maritime Security Team or Vessel Protection Team and the maritime asset crew and/or workforce are effectively integrated in terms of initial and on-the-job training.  This approach ensures that all those involved in the emergency respose to a maritime threat are able to prepare, detect, assess, deter, deny or delay a potential attack and subsequent boarding.

Futher information on the CSAR course can be requested by emailing us at: 



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