Trident MSO course testimonial

Testimonial from a foreign student attending the last Trident MSO course:

“I have now done my MSO course with Trident. This is my review.

“It was a 3 day course based in Poole. This course was not full, we were 5 students + the instructor Dave - a very easygoing and experienced instructor. For me, I hoped this course would give me some flesh to the bone seen from the operator’s side. And it absolutely did. It was 3 intensive days which included theory, table top exercises and a visit to a ship so we could see everything live and not only pictures on powerpoint.

“The course covered everything from laws and regulations for the MSO, to actual hardening the ship, MSO routine and etiquette, drills for crew and Maritime Security Team, do`s and dont`s, Code of Practice, basic seamanship, Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights ++++..

The table to exercises were great. You learn a lot when you have to do a brief for the `master`, on what your advice would be for hardening his ship. And if the captain initially is skeptical, you need to put your brain cells to work to convince him. Great stuff.

“Day 3 you embark a ship alongside in Poole. You can walk around, find the vulnerability points, talk to the master and crew, and really see and plan how you would do the task of secure the ship.
Spend your time wise on the coffee breaks. Dave is there for you if you have any questions. If you go beyond the set time for the day, no problem. We finished 8 pm every day mainly because we had more questions than experienced students.

“Lunch time every day we went to the harbour to have a look at super-yachts and other vessels which were alongside, before eating lunch. 
I recommend the gourmet chicken burger. Lunch is on Dave :-) 

Final day there is also the exam (multiple-choice). If you pay attention during the course you should make if. It covers everything you learnt in the three days. 

“Everything is built up so you as an operator will learn as much as possible during the course.

Will I recommend it? As Nike says, just do it… Its perfect!

Nothing more to say than thank you Dave


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