Trident MSO course 3/11 - Excellent Feedback!

The latest feedback received from students attending the Trident MSO course 3/11 in Poole Dorset was very positive.  

Students stated that they benefited from the knowledge and experience of the instructors and felt confident that the MSO course prepared them well for the maritime security industry as a whole and not just for counter-piracy tasks.  In particular they enjoyed the use of force and maritime threat presentations, as well as the group interaction exercises and importantly the practical ship walkthrough exercise.

Student comments and Testimonials:

"From a standing start, the MSO course student can understand the baseline criteria for a MARSEC operator

"Excellent use of force lecture and the ability to 'tease' out issues from students during discussions and table-top exercises

"Due to the range of MSO students experiences, the high quality instructors could engage classes and enable group participation and interaction"


"The course is more relevant for the actual work that would be carried out as a member of a maritime security team

"Classroom exercises for students was very good - not only for confirmation of course content, but also learning from other students experiences

"Ships familiarisation was very helpful - a picture paints a thousand words"!


"Table-top Lesson well conducted and relevant.  Use of Force and Post Incident Procedures explained well"


"I have just completed the Trident Maritime Security Operators course held in Poole.  I am an experienced CP operative and have my SSO, PFSP and CSO certificates.  I was looking for a course that would deliver essential skills for entering the MARSEC industry - the Trident Maritime Security Operators course exceeded my expectations.

"This was a superb course.  Trainers were from an experienced operational background and gave invaluable, real-time information on how to prepare, conduct yourself, respond and deliver as a MARSEC team member.  I feel now that I am prepared mentally and have sufficient knowledge to operate to a high standard.  I have been extremely lucky to get my first transit and I know the training I have had will stand me in good stead.  Once I have a few more transits under my belt, I will be returning to complete the Trident Maritime Security Team Leaders course.

"This course delivers - it does what it says on the tin!  Look Trident up and give them a call.  I would also like to thank the trainers personally for such a good course".


"This course was recommended to me by a colleague and I attended the MSO course at the end of  March 2011, following completion of the SSO course in February.  

"The delivery of the course content by the instructors was second to none and with the experience of other students attending, having input into desktop discussion, this was invaluable.

"This is a well thought out and well constructed course with ALL the content being relevant to maritime security employment.  I have already recommended this course to colleagues and am confident that their feedback will be similar".


Comments from International Students:

"I am a Norwegian ex-military and commercial diver from Stavanger that recently joined the Maritime Security Operator course in Poole.

"I am new to the MARSEC industry and was not sure what to expect, but during the last 20 years I've done lot's of different courses, both civilian and military.  this course is one of the most informative that I have been on.  I would like to say that I was very impressed at the level of knowledge the instructors had.  I very much appreciated that their knowledge and experience covers anything from hands-on, to risk assessments, planning and execution, maritime law, human rights and of course your own responsibilities.

"I feel now confident to start working on a vessel or n installation.  I really got a lot of answers that covered all my questions.

"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that is serious about the industry and want to see what it's all about.  It is also for those that have been around for a while.

"Thank you Trident"!


Other comments received:

"Good Instruction, enjoyed the course and now I am more aware about the MSO role.  I consider that the course has prepared me well"

"Understanding Maritime Law and Maritime Agencies was an important aspect of the course".


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