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Case Studies

The depth of our commercial training and operational experience spans the globe and many different client sectors. Combined with past specialist military experience, this pedigree gives our consultants and instructors the necessary level of expertise to be arguably the best operational security and training providers in the industry.

Many companies state this position, but few can demonstrate it. Listed below are a number of case studies to demonstrate our capability:

Ship Security Survey East Africa

A client requested a Ship Security Survey for a vessel that was planning to transit through the Gulf of Aden from Southern Africa, at a time when there was a particularly high spike in piracy activity off the Somali coast. A consultant was dispatched to an East African Port to review the Passage Plan and conduct a physical and technical survey of the vessel. Findings showed that the vessel was particularly vulnerable to pirate attack due the hull configuration and a number of other shortfalls in the vessel specifications. Recommendations included modifying the route selection, implementing security hardening options and crew training. Additionally a Maritime Security Team was embarked prior to departure. A combination of the intelligence-driven route selection, crew training and the physical and technical security measures imposed ensured that the vessel made safe passage to the intended destination.

Port Facility Security Survey Lagos, Nigeria

A consultant was tasked to conduct Security Risk Assessment of a Port Facility in Lagos, Nigeria. Subsequently the consultant produced a concise, but authoritative report with evidenced conclusion and recommendations. The report identified the key threats and vulnerabilities to the vessel and crew prior to berthing at the Port. This ensured that the necessary security risk control measures were put in place to impose effective access control to prevent robbery and stowaways from boarding.

Passage Security Risk Assessment Gulf of Aden

A client requested that a security risk assessment be conducted for the planned passage for a high value maritime asset. A consultant was tasked to gather intelligence on the proposed Passage Plan and the vessel that was to conduct the transit. Findings advised the optimum route to be taken to mitigate risk, whilst remaining cost effective to the client.

Anti-piracy Workshop

A European based Oil and Gas major requested expert assistance in the delivery of an anti-piracy workshop for their corporate Crisis Management Team.

A consultant deployed at short notice and produced and delivered a table-top exercise focused on the highjacking of a vessel from their fleet. The positive outcome of the exercise convinced the client to request a repeat of the exercise to the company DPA and one of their ships Masters who was scheduled to transit high risk waters within the week. Following the exercise, the consultant was then tasked to produce and deliver a revised set of Emergency Response Procedures for pirate attack to cover Strategic (corporate) to operational (vessel) level response and recovery options.

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