STCW 95 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

The STCW 95 Fire fighting module is delivered as part of the Trident MSO Offshore Professional package. Prospective students must be trained Trident MSO's prior to loading onto this course, or be enrolled on the MSO Offshore Professional Programme.

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Why attend this course?

When selecting and vetting personnel for offshore maritime security operational tasking, the STCW 95 Fire fighting module is a prerequisite for many private maritime security companies and is the minimum standard required to work on commercial vessels.


Task specific safety training.

Course Specification

Program Title STCW 95 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
Course Title STCW 95 (Fire)
Course Index MSO-PRO-STCW95-FIRE
Training Qualification STCW 95 (Fire)
Operational Role MSO Offshore Professional
Operational Task Fire prevention and fighting fire at sea
Training Course Aim
Course Content

This 3 day course covers the precautions to be taken to minimise the risk of fire on board a ship, the causes of fires and the first means of extinguishing them. Includes theory and training in the practical use of fire extinguishers, hoses and other fire fighting equipment. It also covers the use of breathing apparatus for fire fighting and rescue purposes. Live fire training is undertaken. PHSS Ltd administer this course on behalf of our students.

You will develop knowledge, understanding and practical competence where appropriate in:
  • Theory of combustion
  • Extinguishing methods, starvation; smothering; cooling
  • Course of action when discovering a fire
  • Classification of fires
  • Fire Prevention; safe practice; fire consciousness; good housekeeping
  • Fire fighting equipment; fire extinguishers; foam equipment and systems; fire detection and extinguishing systems; breathing apparatus
Assessment There is continual assessment throughout the course via oral questioning and practical demonstration and participation. Successful candidates will be awarded the STCW 95 Certificate in Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting on the day. Medical Fitness: This course contains some physical exercises during the practical sessions which some may find demanding. Any candidate unsure of their fitness or suitability for such activities should consult their doctor.
Course Duration 3 Day(s)
Max Class Size  12 Students
Lesson Location/Venue Christchurch Training Venue

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