Trident Maritime Security Operator (MSO) City & Guild's MSO 8269 £439 including VAT

The Trident MSO course provides security professionals with the essential knowledge and skills required to provide maritime security services for the commercial and private maritime shipping and offshore industry sectors. It is suitable for field operators, watch keepers, operations managers and company directors new to the Marsec industry.

The MSO course provides a comprehensive insight into operating on static vessels, Offshore Energy Installations or providing security for vessels in transit through high threat waters globally. The course has been developed as a result of the clear training requirement for Maritime Security Team members to receive appropriate and effective maritime security awareness and emergency response training to provide industry with a quality training standard.

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Why attend this course?

The MSO course provides the professional maritime security operator with an important level of security awareness and response training, not found elsewhere. It demonstrates a benchmark standard in the provision of security services. The course is designed to prepare the student for work in the maritime security industry and offer an insight into how the industry works.


Our training courses are delivered by highly trained and experienced maritime security professionals that work in the industry and have current first-hand experience. The Trident MSO course was the first of its kind to provide a pathway to employment within the maritime security sector. The course offers the City & Guilds MSO 8269-03 qualification, which is the recognised UK standard for Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) to enable companies to conform to the requirements of ISO/PAS 28007:2012. The MSO course has also been endorsed by the International Association of Maritime Security Professionals and has been awarded 'Silver' Level in accordance with the organisations vetting of training criteria.

Course Specification

Program Title Trident Maritime Security Operator (MSO) City & Guild's MSO 8269 £439 including VAT
Course Title Trident MSO
Course Index TRI-MSO1
Training Qualification City and Guilds MSO 8269-03 QCF Level 3 qualification
Operational Role Member of a Maritime Security Team, Private Maritime Security Company Watch-keepers and Operations Managers
Operational Task To provide to the client robust and effective security assurance and appropriate responses too all maritime threats and security incidents
Training Course Aim To provide experienced security professionals with the essential knowledge and skills required to conduct effective maritime security operations in high risk waters globally.
Course Content Developing Readiness for Maritime operations in high risk waters
  • MSO Role & Responsibilities
  • Trident Professional Code of Conduct
  • International Maritime Law, Legislation and relevant organisations
  • The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers
  • MSO Duty of Care
  • Maritime asset familiarisation
  • Maritime threat awareness
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Ship Culture, Watch Duties & Routines
  • Maritime security equipment
  • Ship Hard Target Module
  • Basic Seamanship
Respond to a Maritime Threat
  • Threat Recognition
  • Ship Alert Systems
  • Alert Communication & Reporting
  • Boarding prevention measures
  • Anti-Piracy Immediate Action Drills
  • Use of Force and the Use of Force Continuum
  • Response to a kidnap situation
  • Response to military intervention
Recover from a Maritime attack
  • Carry out post incident procedures:
  • Incident Reporting
  • Care for crew members
  • Explain Search Procedures
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Assessment Continuous assessment will be conducted during the course theory and practical exercises to assess the students understanding of the course content. There is also a series final exams on the last day of the course for the four QCF Level 3 units. Bucks New University and the City and Guild's will control the issue of course certificates.
Course Duration 4 Day(s)
Max Class Size  12 Students
Lesson Location/Venue Manchester Training Venue

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