MSO 8269 Conversion course - Trident MSO's Only

This is a Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF) Level 3 course, which was developed by the City and Guilds with support from members of the Security in Complex Environments Group; the industry partner to HMG for the regulation of private security companies operating in ‘complex environments’. It was first introduced as a UK standard for Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel in June 2013 and provides successful students with 6 academic credits. This is the only course that is recognised by Ofqual as the professional training standard for Maritime Security Operatives (MSO’s).

The UK government has broadly supported the introduction of this training standard as compliant to the requirements of the new UK standard for Private Maritime Security Companies ISO/PAS 28007:2012 Ships and marine technology - Guidelines for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ship.

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Why attend this course?

Only Trident MSO's holding a Trident certificate are permitted onto the course. Student's not formally trained by Trident should undertake the Accelerated MSO course having met the Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) policy. A copy of Trident's RPL policy can be obtained on request.


Formal recognition for Trident MSO's to the new City & Guilds standard that meets the requirements of ISO/PAS 28007 and STCW 2010 PDSD.

Course Specification

Program Title MSO 8269 Conversion course - Trident MSO's Only
Course Title MSO 8269 Conversion
Course Index MSO8269
Training Qualification City & Guilds MSO 8269-03 QCF Level 3 qualification
Operational Role Maritime Security Operative (MSO)
Operational Task Carry our the duties of a privately contracted armed security professional.
Training Course Aim To enable Trident qualified Maritime Security Operatives that have successfully competed the full Trident course previously to attain the City & Guild's MSO 8268-03 certificate.
Course Content
  • 301 - Understand the maritime security industry;
  • 302 - Understand maritime security pre-deployment planning and procedures;
  • 303 - Understand maritime security operating procedures;
  • 304 - Understand maritime incident management and post operational procedures.
  • Practical maritime navigation Chart work test