Accelerated Maritime Security Operative Course - City & Guild's MSO 8269 Level 3 £300 including VAT

The Trident MSO course provides security professionals with the essential knowledge and skills required to provide maritime security services for the commercial and private maritime shipping and offshore industry sectors. It is suitable for field operators, watch keepers, operations managers and company directors new to the Marsec industry.

The MSO course provides a comprehensive insight into operating on static vessels, Offshore Energy Installations or providing security for vessels in transit through high threat waters globally. The course has been developed as a result of the clear training requirement for Maritime Security Team members to receive appropriate and effective maritime security awareness and emergency response training to provide industry with a quality training standard.

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Why attend this course?

The minimum UK qualification standard of MSO 8269 is now considered a mandatory training requirement for the majority of UK-based Private Maritime Security Companies. Whereas the higher Level 4 University certificate offers students additional knowledge and experience and a higher level of proven learning to help their CV stand out from the others in what is a very competitive industry.


Successful students acquire two industry recognised certificates for the price of one course. With an increasing number of PMSC's now recognising the Trident standard, we are one of the few companies that can demonstrate that our training leads to work opportunities.

Course Specification

Program Title Accelerated Maritime Security Operative Course - City & Guild's MSO 8269 Level 3 £300 including VAT
Course Title Accelerated MSO Course
Course Index A-MSO
Training Qualification City & Guilds MSO 8269 at QCF Level 3 and MSO University Certificate at FHEQ Level 4
Operational Role Maritime Security Operative (MSO)
Operational Task To provide to the client robust and effective security assurance and appropriate responses too all maritime threats and security incidents
Training Course Aim To convert experienced Maritime Security Operatives (MSO's) and Team Leaders to the new City & Guild's MSO MSO 8269-03 qualification.
Course Content The Accelerated MSO training programme comprises of a three-day mandatory units identified by Trident to enable experienced professionals to gain the Trident MSO qualification. This benchmark security standard is widely recognized by many of the leading Private Maritime Security Companies as the industry lead standard. As well as the University FHEQ Level 4 Certificate, successful students will also acquire the City and Guild's MSO 8269 qualification, which is the new UK standard for Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel to enable them to demonstrate compliance to the new ISO/PAS 28007:2012 maritime security standard for Private Maritime Security Companies. The following mandatory units are covered:
  • MSO Role and Responsibilities;
  • International Maritime Law & Human Rights Standards;
  • International Codes of Conduct and the Use of Force;
  • Threat Recognition;
  • Responding to a Maritime threat;
  • Post Incident Management;
  • Trident MSO Professional Code of Conduct.
Assessment There are 5 assessment modules on successful completion prove the MSO was able to achieve the highest level of initial training as follows: 1. 301 - Understand the maritime security industry; 2. 302 - Understand maritime security pre-deployment planning and procedures; 3. 303 - Understand maritime security operating procedures; 4. 304 - Understand maritime security incident management and post operational procedures; 5. Practical Chart work test; 6. University Level 4 Examination.
Course Duration 2 Day(s)
Max Class Size  12 Students
Lesson Location/Venue Trident Training Centre, Poole

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