STCW 95 Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

The Standard of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) code requires all seafarers to receive familiarisation and basic safety training or instruction in accordance with section A-VI/1. You will be made aware of safety procedures, the safety equipment available, employment conditions and the working environment on board a merchant vessel. This is essential information that will keep yourself, your crew members and passengers safe.

The STCW 95 (Basic) course is open to either former Trident trained personnel, or prospective students that have loaded onto the combined MSO Offshore Pro course and is managed and delivered by PHSS Ltd, based in Poole.

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Course Specification

Program Title STCW 95 Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
Course Title STCW 95 (PSSR)
Course Index MSO-PRO-STCW95-PSSR
Training Qualification STCW 95 (PSSR) Certificate
Operational Role Maritime Security Operative (MSO)
Operational Task Offshore maritime security employment
Training Course Aim To provide the service leaver with a comprehensive combined course that incorporates the Trident Maritime Security Operator (MSO) course and STWC 95, consistent with the operational performance requirements demanded of the industry.
Course Content

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